N°. US70A

Slab Bolster - light.

Legs spaced 5" centers.
Stocked in heights of ¾", 1", 1½", 2", etc. and 5-foot lenghts.
Crimped to bar.

These products can also be made to your specifications.

N°. 73

Beam Bar Bolster.
Legs spaced at 2" centers.
Heights from ¾" to 3".
5-foot lenghts.

N°. 76

Joist Chairs.
The joist chair is an unusually strong support because of the welded leg under the location of each bar.

N°. 87 type B

Type “B” individual chair is available in 3/16" (.187) diameter wire from 3" to 6" high.

In ¼" (.250) diameter wire from 3" to 10" high. In 5/16" (.312) diameter wire from 4" to 12" high.

Where heavier bars demand maximum strength the type “B” chairs is recommended.