MIRACLE Double Form Tie

The Double Form Tie eliminates wedges, walers, wood spreaders, No 9 wire twisting.

From stock 100mm to 600mm (4" to 24")

Other sizes available on request.

Maximum recommended spacing – 3 square feet.

Standard packing

200mm, 225mm, 250mm, 300mm. (8", 9", 10", 12") 200 per carton.

Other sizes: 25 per bundle.

Double Form Ties come in all sizes with ends to fit both 2" x 4" or de 2" x 6" studs

Instructions to close the MIRACLE Double Form Tie:

Their twin ends are machine-twisted to make sure that one will wind perfectly around the other.

  1. Engage hammer claws at wire ends as shown. Turn in arc and ends will “clic” together.
  2. Be sure to continue arc of hammer slightly.

A time and money saving suggestion:

If you are using 2’-0" x 8’-0" panels, you may reverse the MIRACLE ties upside down every second upright so that the spreaders will retain both lower and upper panels at the same time; thus saving you nailing and labour in the erection and stripping of you forms.

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